Weekend Project: The Chandelier has Landed

Way, way back in 2011, I purchased a few items from Design*Sponge founder, Grace Bonney.  She was moving out of her Park Slope apartment, and had a sale.  I wrote a post about it, and changed up one of the items - My Chandelier Mash-Up Project. All of the items have moved with us to two different homes in the meantime, but the chandelier never was properly installed.  It was stored away, shoved in the back of trucks, spray-painted, and banged up along the way.

Big Ronnie and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last weekend, and he gave me the gift of crossing a long awaited project of our list!  We finally gave the chandelier a proper home at The Bay Ridge Limestone.

Big Ronnie & the Design*Sponge Chandelier, 2011
Although procrastination probably does play a part in this long duration, we were also sure that it would take the cost of a professional electrician.  So, it was pushed further and further down the list.  But Big Ronnie got his electrical confidence up, and decided this was the weekend he could tackle it himself.

Big Ronnie & the Design*Sponge Chandelier, 2015
We do have access to the fuse box in our apartment, so we were able to cut the power to the entire room before we began.  There was a large lighted ceiling fan there previously, so we knew the weight of the chandelier would be fine.  Connected the wires, and tested all 6 lights!  Easy right?  

If there were more complications when we took down the old piece, we might have jumped ship on the whole project.  But it was pretty straight forward.  The dial that covers the brace holding the entire lighting piece to the ceiling, is pretty small in diameter.  My next idea is to buy a larger one, spray paint it a glossy red, and cover up the cracks surrounding the hole in the ceiling - al the same time! 

After our weekend project was completed and cleaned up, we got outside and took a walk through Owl's Head Park.  The weather is just starting to warm up here in Brooklyn, and the flowers were in full bloom!

A very happy Spring StellaBella Readers, from Erica & Big Ronnie!  Get outside, enjoy the weather and keep your head up - there is so much beautiful life to see and be inspired by!

La vita è bella,

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