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My final meal before heading back to NYC

Hello StellaBella Readers,

As I get settled into my new position, I realize that it will be quite awhile before we plan a vacation.  So in the meantime, I'm digging through the photo files; living vicariously through my recent past, and telling you all about an unexpected trip to an unexpected place.

I never thought a day like this would come... I never thought I would have a reason...but ME, lil' miss New York City, lil' miss Big Apple took a trip to the land down South, the place where everything is BIG, and cowboys rule: the Metroplex of The Big D and Cowtown - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas!  I watched the TV show when I was a kid, but I was never convinced it was a city for me.  My hair just wasn't big enough.

Despite the state politics & the whole landlocked situation; cowboy hats are just plain silly, and I think cowboy boots are even sillier - but I wouldn't say that too loud while I was there.  This New York Yankee was pretty sure her pinstripes would show through, and they would smell us coming... but we went anyway - to attend a beautiful family wedding, and see what it was like to live the life of a Dallas Cowgirl.  For a few days...


Before the wedding festivities, we had some time & wanted to see a few key sights.  And cowboys, we wanted to see cowboys.

The first stop on our agenda, was the place where X marked the spot.  This X drawn in the middle of the road is where JFK was shot on November 22, 1963.

The Dallas County Administration Building (FKA The Texas School Book Depository), is where the infamous shooting of JFK took place, on the 6th floor of this building by Lee Harvey Oswald - supposedly.  I found this whole area of downtown to be morbid, there are still men hanging around & making money with souvenirs and photo opportunities which you would see anywhere.  There was just an emptiness, maybe out of fear from building anything that is unrelated to the site.  

The Grassy Knoll

JFK Graffiti

JFK Graffiti

The JFK Memorial Plaza, dedicated to the slain president on June 24, 1970 represents his open tomb for the public to visit.  Again, just left me with such an empty feeling.  If that was the intention, it worked.  I'm sure there was an empty feeling left in the country, being left behind by it's leader.

Fort Worth

It didn't take long to drive from downtown Dallas to Fort Worth, the infamous Stock Yards and their National Historic District.   We thought we had a better chance for cowboy sightings outside of the city...

NO trip with my love is complete without an addition to the installment, Big Ronnie & Street Art.  I was very excited to find these murals, they give such contrast to the other cities in the collection.  

I wish I had a great story to tell about this cowboy, but to be honest - he was a real jerk.  He reminded me of a celebrity, just so tired of the paparazzi taking pictures of him and his bull all day.  He could not have been more annoyed with us tourists, something about that attitude was finally familiar to me....hmmm.

Roadside Cowboy Hat Sale!

Her name was Tequila, she was good to me.  

And the reason for the trip - Big Ronnie's cousin got married!  Congratulations to happy couple, Eric & Abby - may Dallas be as happy of a home for them as Brooklyn is to us!  The downtown reception at the Dallas Petroleum Club was the highlight of the trip.  It was a beautiful & touching ceremony, and we danced the night away.  I never thought glow sticks were such a wedding hit - but we had tons of fun & enjoyed being a part of their happy celebration!

I encourage everyone to take those trips to places you may never have the opportunity to see again.  Writing this post, I was reminded of a day a few weeks after 9/11.  A large group of women with very large teased hair walked into Anthropologie in SoHo, where I was working at the time.  They were all wearing matching T-shirts that read "Texas <3 NYC", and they spent their husband's oil money like it was a race!  These woman without knowing it, brought up so many emotions in me that day, as I helped them contribute to NYC's economy.

Then one of these ladies pulled me aside, and told me how she never wanted to come to this awful city, she always heard was so filthy - but she was so shocked at the beauty she saw everywhere.  How much she had fell in love with this place that otherwise - she would have never stepped a Christian bible-belt wearing, cowgirl boot inside...

Not all of our adventures end in a love affair with a new destination, but we can always learn from them - and have the memories for a lifetime!

La vita è bella,

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