Big Ronnie & Street Art, Part 2

Big Ronnie & I have slowed down the travel as of late, (I've been reminiscing with my latest travel posts)... In the meantime, we have definitely become more acquainted with our hometown, New York City and its endless world of street art.  Our adventures in finding these beautiful pieces has grown since last time, and I am learning more about the artists.

Big Ronnie & Street Art is now moving into its 4th year, and we have collected more photos than ever.  If you are following me on Instagram, you will see that I posted these awhile back, and have since added many more!

How & Nosm / Bushwick, BK

How & Nosm / Bushwick, BK

Keep your head up, and enjoy the beauty all around you - and drop me a tip if you know about a beautiful piece of street art in your neighborhood!  This project continues to inspire me, capturing each piece of artwork feels like collecting diamonds on my way through a treasure hunt!  At the end of the day, we have wonderful memories that Big Ronnie & I shared together - and we enjoy showing the beautiful artwork with all of you!

La vita è bella,

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