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StellaBella Home is taking it to the streets this summer!

When I visited Spain in 2010, and stopped to snap a picture of a defaced church, you might have said I'm not your typical tourist photographer. Way before I started the series Big Ronnie & Street Art, I was taking photos of graffiti and street art. 

I thought it would be a great idea to reach out to a few street artists this Summer.  The momentum surrounding the murals, artist collectives and secret pop-up projects is brewing in NYC - and I want to be a part of the action.  My best tool for the job: my camera.  Instagram has definitely been the catalyst of insta-information regarding street art (in NYC and all over the world), and my inspiration has increasingly gotten stronger.  I will quickly be notified by an IG follower of the artist if I haven't given credit, and the next thing ya know; I'm sucked into an entirely new portal of street art photographs, links to locations and information about the various artists and collaborations.

One of my initial emails went out to an artist that was dear to my heart - literally.  James Goldcrown, (AKA Jgoldcrown) has been placing beautiful #lovewalls all over Lower Manhattan; a simple layering of different colored, spray painted hearts.  Born in Western London, he is now based in New York.  Self-taught artist & photographer, he began in fashion; then mixed media, and documentary film, James had his first show at Art Basel in Miami earlier this year.  

He enthusiastically replied to my email, and invited me to shoot his next project - Freeman's Alley, Lower East Side.  

Instagram photo cred: jgoldcrown
Instagram photo cred: Kahysoo
 I arrived early, and no one was there yet, which gave me a chance to find more street art in the area.  When I got back, James had gotten started.  The 2 photos above were from the artist's Instagram, and a new friend & street art fan I met that day - KAHYSOO.  She promotes art events in Brooklyn, focusing on bringing the fashion and art world together.  Follow her on the gram!

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we posted up against the opposing wall of the alleyway, to stay in the shade as much as possible.  We snapped away quietly, and watched him make heart after heart, after heart.  I felt a peaceful calm being there while he worked, there was a rhythm to what he was doing.  It was a quiet and tucked away alley; a few business entries, and Freeman's Restaurant at the end.  A bit of foot traffic, that respectfully let the artist do his thing.

This long, narrow, adjacent section of this wall, can be see from the street.  It would be the only way you would know that there were more hearts around the corner!

The painter's tape comes off!  It's always exciting to see the clean edges, and I was ready to shoot more.  Some friends of his showed up with their cameras in hand, everyone was there to support!

Kahysoo, friends of James' shooting away

spray cans!

Artist in thought

James was going to break for lunch, and it was a good time for me to get going.  I wanted to take a photo of him in front of his almost complete piece, before I left.  He still needed to sign and date, so I told him I would come back in order to finish the post...

What good is a Street Art story, without a Big Ronnie & Street Art photo shoot!?!

Big Ronnie & I walked back over to the Lower East Side 2 days later to see the finished piece.  It was one of the most humid days in the city, and Ronnie has really been an amazing trooper, tagging along with me on these adventures.  We walked over from the West Village, and I'm sure he was happy to have his tasty cigar for the walk.

If you are in the Lower East Side, Nolita or SoHo you will see so much street art, but keep your eye out for the Love Wall!  Below are additional shots that I took of his Love Walls series, that inspired me to contact @Jgoldcrown to begin with.

I want to thank James again, for allowing me to take part in his production & shoot his process.  I had a blast, and it has only inspired me to keep going.  I love the theme of hearts & love in street art, especially in relation to my blog.  We are all about LOVE here at StellaBella!  Love is the strongest power we have, and acknowledging its power, and expressing it with your art is one of the most beautiful parts of being a creative person.

Keep your head up, and see the beauty all around you!

La vita è bella,

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