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This summer was one to remember.  As I go through the crazy amount of photos I took, I am beyond grateful for the city I live in.  I am also thankful for falling in love in this city.  It has softened me, and helped me to embrace it, and forgive it for how harsh it can be.  It can be easy to miss life when we are moving too quickly, and falling in love with Big Ronnie has helped me slow down, and enjoy the beauty all around me - even on the mean NYC streets....

It was a fluke that my office was closed for renovations, the week I was invited by James Goldcrown to shoot him painting one of his Love Walls in Freeman's Alley, back in July.  It was a memorable day, and I continue to pursue shooting work in progress ever since.

Just getting started...
About a month later, I got word he was at it again!  I ran over on a lunch break on a hot & sweaty August weekday.  The next location: KIDA.  This adorable Little Italy barbershop on Broome Street is owned & operated by husband & wife, Shinnosukae & Megumi Kida.  They bring their Japanese style & hospitality to their small business, and now have given their neighborhood another very unique gift!

Canvas & Tools
J Goldcrown, double fisted

This was a very different location, and you can really see the evidence of it in the final piece.  It may seem just like hearts, but there is a feeling you get when you look at their placement in the atmosphere where it exists.  In Freeman's Alley, it was tucked away, the wall was aged and dark.  Here at this busy corner store, in the heart of a popular neighborhood - I am completely energized, and the the hearts bounce of the clean white surface with that same radiance.   

It took us until the Fall to revisit the finished piece, but here we are.  Big Ronnie is much more comfortable in the colder weather than the last Love Wall photo shoot!  But as far as I'm concerned, the hearts look good on him.  

If you aren't there already, follow along on Instagram.  We have been street art hunting a whole bunch lately, and we find adventures around every corner.  I will get back inside as some point, and bring you more home stories - but until then I will be sharing my street art stories here too - It's all inspiration!

Also, a very Happy Birthday this Friday to my muse, my love, my Big Ronnie.  I love any reason to celebrate the joy he brings to my life everyday!  Keep your head up, and see the beauty all around you!

La vita è bella,

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