Big Ronnie & Street Art, Part 3

The only logical way to close out this year is to give you a few more BRASA photos from 2015.  There were so many Big Ronnie & Street Art photos, this is just a selection of my favorites that I haven't written about yet.  Which leads to the other reason for this post.

Awhile back, Big Ronnie asked me where I wanted StellaBella to go, what was it's next direction?  And I thought about what I've learned about myself from this project so far.  My creative eye has taken me from interior design, home DIY ideas, travel tips, and now outdoors to the mean streets of street art. My photography is capturing a movement that defines this period in art history, as we speak!  As I've allowed myself to ebb & flow through this blogging process, I know that I struggle to stay on a schedule, and although story telling comes easy to me, writing doesn't.  What I am sure of is that my approach to a new post is always about my photos.

My photography has been my tool throughout, and I've decided to focus on it.  I've been working on this, and it still needs tweaks, but today I am announcing & launching my very own photography website:!!!!

W3RC / Queens, NY
W3RC / Brooklyn, NY
W3RC / Brooklyn, NY
Due to the fact that I thought this project would never be bigger than Instagram, Big Ronnie & Street Art Part 1 & Part 2 were each put together with only square Instagram versions of each piece.  Those neat little squares worked well for a post, and I liked the way it looked for the post, but even Instagram has changed it's ways!  In this post, I made sure to include my long and tall shots of murals that stretch out on a long avenue or railroad, or were high above Big Ronnie's head.
Chris Cycle / Brooklyn, NY
Case Maclaim / Queens, NY
Damien Mitchell / Brooklyn, NY
Miss Zukie / Brooklyn, NY

4 Above: Dasic Fernandez / NY & Brooklyn, NY
2 Above: Dasic Fernandez-Rubin415 / Brooklyn, NY
Fin Dac / Brooklyn, NY
Owen Dippie / Brooklyn, NY
Buff Monster / Brooklyn, NY 

3 Above: Chris Soria / Queens & Brooklyn, NY
Tristan Eaton / NYC

Rubin415 / Queens, NY
Jorit Agoch / Brooklyn, NY
Cekis / Queens, NY
EelcoVirus / Brooklyn, NY

I will continue to tell my stories on the blog, but the photography website will have much more! There are links between both sites, and now I can showcase the images in their intended resolution. Not only will the website include my Big Ronnie Series, but other street art photos, spotlights on Artists at Work, credits, social media links & contact info - please reach out for prints or projects!  We have many ideas on what's next, and always welcoming feedback - tell us what you think!

We look forward to more street art hunts in 2016 in our own backyard, other US cities, and hopefully abroad!  Until then, keep your head up & see all of the beauty around you!

La vita è bella,

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