Street Art Spotlight: Fumero

Summer 2015 was all about street art for Big Ronnie & I.  We found it everywhere, and chased it down when we could.  I placed my model where he needed to be, but now it's become bigger than our fun project.  We are enjoying every hunt, just as we have been, but now I'm documenting the hell out of a worldwide art movement!   I have been talking about my photo project from time to time here on StellaBella, but the stories keep coming.

Not only have I been shooting James Goldcrown while he paints his Love Walls all over downtown Manhattan, we were also lucky enough to catch Fumero working on a Scorpio piece for the "What's Your Sign?" Mural Project for Love Heals, early one Sunday morning in October.

Fumero, or Fumeroism as he is referred, or more-so the phenomenon and excitement of the artwork that is - FUMERO has become a huge part of the Brooklyn/NYC Street Art Movement over the last few years, and he's proven that he paves his own way.   While taking on subject matter from celebrity portraits, abstracted animals, to oversized figures - every step of the way - you are certain what artist's work you are looking at. 

The Wild-Style letter design he mastered at a young age transformed as he matured, and his dynamic energy is still apparent in his later subjects.  His teenage years focused on graffiti, cartoon characters and color schemes, attending county college in NJ as a graphic design major.  He later studied at SVA in NYC, as a cartoon/illustration major.  This was where he developed his personal style, and the infancy of Fumero was born.

The technique he has created illustrates a harmonious interaction among bold contour lines, and shapes filled with vivid color.  His hard edges and intense contrasting colors interact with each other, creating a moving energy that is powerfully projected to the viewer.

"My art is an expression of my character; bold and uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox."

This quote from the artist encompasses his work to a T.   What is apparent throughout is the way his art honors his family.  His "Grampa" and "Table" series have really touched me.  There are some versions that have a sentence above (there are so many), we found this one (below), close to another of his murals this summer. I shot & posted it to Instagram.  It was later used in an article for SpoiledNYC , about Fumero being 1 of 9 fresh new artists to look out for. I'm honored to have my version used to show off his vision!

I look forward to our trip to Yonkers, to shoot the large scale Grampa.


This year, the Welling Court Mural Project was focused on women, or topics related to women's rights.  Fumero decided the Nefertiti was the best subject to depict a woman's strength.

Mars Blackmon

Roberto Clemente

Miles Davis

Bob Marley

As you can see, Big Ronnie is an enormous fan of Fumero.  If given the choice of any street artist to capture "the beard" in portrait, he would want it to be him!  

This quote (below) from the artist reflects my opinion of meeting him for the first time.  Not only was he humble, but so honored to be part of a something bigger than just himself.  Exposing more people to art, and being open to looking at the world differently.  Street Art is the progression of what we understood as art growing up, with the influence of hip-hop over the 1980's and 90's.  It is an important creative form that will only continue to evolve!

"Art brings people together and doing my small part to help create an outdoor gallery scene here in Brooklyn and throughout NYC is important to me.  Everybody walks the streets but not everybody walks into galleries to see art.  I'm bringing art to the people in public places and brightening up Brooklyn one wall at a time. Why should communities have barren walls when they can have the colors of life filling up empty areas of urban decay."

The morning that we met him, Fumero thanked me for my participation in his own social media movement, and acknowledged how grateful he was for my photographs, and participation in this street art movement.  I was touched to have him just recognize us - when he first saw Ronnie, he recognized him immediately from our feed!  

When we said goodbye to our new friend, Fumero - he shook Big Ronnie's hand, and said with nothing but Brooklyn love to us both, "Have a Positive Energy Day!" 

Thank you Fumero, for all of your positivity & all the beauty you spread over the world, and most importantly our home, the Planet - Brooklyn, USA.  

Keep your head up, and see the beauty all around you!

La vita è bella,

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