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Will there ever be a time when I say: Ok, enough with all the hearts? probably not.

I've been working the night shift since September, and being on opposite schedules as my love, Big Ronnie has been terrible!  I made the most of it, taking my morning Bikram class & sometimes having wonderful opportunities on a Tuesday afternoon... like this one.

For the 3rd time this year, on November 17th, 2015, I had the pleasure to catch Mr. James Goldcrown throwing up another of his wonderful Love Walls!  This one was located in the heart of the East Village, on the corner of 1st Avenue & 8th Street, FootGear Plus.

Love Wall Tools

Here we are, a few weeks later.  Big Ronnie & I did our thang.  He had a cigar, and I had my camera.  Everyone has their vices ;)

If you haven't checked it out already, take a look at my brand new photography website. Take a look around, tell me what you think & if you would like a print! I only want to share my images with the you all, and I plan to keep it going into 2016 - always remember....

Keep your head up, and see the beauty all around you!

La vita è bella,

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