Valentine Special: Love Wall, JGoldcrown | Mott & Prince Street

As in life, change is constant.  But one thing has not changed here on StellaBella since 2009, and that's celebrating our favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day!  Whether it was a heart-filled project for the home, a DIY present for your special someone, or a homemade chocolate body paint recipe - we have got you covered every year!

As I continue my photo project, and get to know more people involved in the NYC Street Art Scene, when the weather warms up - I'm going to be very busy.  Not only do I plan to take more BRASA photos, but I will grow my AIP, (Artist in Progress) projects, capturing their process out in the streets.  But I'll always remember my first street artist, James Goldcrown & his beautiful heart filled Love Walls.

Before he took off for his first trip to the West Coast this February, James painted a fresh Valentine's Day Love Wall on the corner of Mott & Prince Street in Lower Manhattan.  This was my 4th time shooting the #lovewall process, and I enjoy visiting with him more every time!

As the afternoon carried on, the sun was about to go behind the adjacent building.  Until that happened I was capturing some great shadows while he worked away!

James' final touch on this wall was a white LOVE tag going through the whole wall!  He kept trying to eyeball the proportion before he started, and got it just right.  Another beautiful #lovewall in NYC.

StellaBella & Big Ronnie & Street Art are taking the show to Los Angeles this March, we'll be sure to catch the 2 walls he did last week.  James also collaborated with TOMS to give the company a special wall for Valentine's Day - the message of love is spreading!

Til next time, keep your eyes up & see the beauty around you!

La vita è bella,

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